I’ve just been watching Eurosport while I was waiting for the nice Gritish Bass man to fix our central heating. There was football on, a lot of football. I got to watch a bit of Celtic versus Benfica followed by Spurs against Besiktas.

I don’t often get to watch much football so it was nice to be able to catch a couple of games. However, Eurosport kind of spoiled it a little bit by having a collection of the worst TV adverts ever made, and they’re all by the same company.

That’s right, it’s those purveyors of shit music collections Time Life. So far I’ve had a succession of tedious love songs and country “classics” and it’s starting to get on my tits. Do people actually watch these adverts and think “hmmm, that sounds great! I’ll phone up and buy that right away”?

Maybe they do. Either way, I’ve turned it off now that I’ve noticed that Real Madrid are having an easy game and doing something more interesting, like picking my nose and hoovering (who says that blokes can’t multi-task?)

It almost makes me want to go to work early. Almost.

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