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Esta la Visa baby?

Our friends over the other side of the Atlantic have added another layer of complication to visiting their great nation. From this week visitors to the USA need to fill in an electronic form before they travel, otherwise they could be refused entry into the country.

From the always reliably BBC:

From 12 January, visitors from countries which do not need visas will need to fill in an electronic form at least 72 hours before they travel.

Those who have not registered risk being detained and sent back home.

The Foreign Office fears some people do not know about it and critics say it might put people off visiting the US.

The new online registration scheme replaces the green I-94 forms that people on short term visits to the US had to fill in on the flight and hand to customs on arrival.

I’ve not heard of this before today, but then I’ve not been planning a trip to the States. They seem to have removed one unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and added a new, more difficult one.

If you’re heading over there at any point in the near future you’ll need to get this sorted before you go.

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