General Chunterings Is this supposed to be good for you?

Eating fruit and veg is good for you

I’ve been eating far more healthily over the last week or so. I’ve decided that I need to get loads more fruit and veg in my diet, along with more (some!) exercise.

So far I’m yet to do any exercise, but I have been eating an increased quantity of fruit and veg. I bought a large bag of grapes and some apples last week and I ate those rather than snacking on some other, less-healthy crap.

I’ve also been eating large amounts of Mediterranean-style roasted veg, although there’s some swede and parsnips in there too. Lovely it is.

So, today, I decided to get fruity for lunch. I bought an apple. That’s one serving! I also bought a packet of pickled onion flavour Monster Munch – onion is a veg right? Another serving right there. Add to that a Dark Chocolate flavour Bounty – is coconut a fruit? – and a “Burst of Berries” tracker bar and you’ve got one healthy lunch.

Today’s exercise will consist of me walking back to my car to drive home.

I’m feeling better already!

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