Drive-in restaurant

While I was walking into work yesterday morning (at an un-Godly five-thirty or so) I noticed that there was a Police car parked outside one of Beeston’s more expensive restaurants. There was an area next to the restaurant that was taped off.

As I approached it I noticed that there was a BMW parked in the space there, but on the way past it became obvious that it actually parked partially in the side wall of the restaurant. There was a chunk out of a neighbouring fence and this blue BMW had done a good job of partially demolishing the wall.

This had happened at about 11pm on Sunday night, according to the Nottingham Evening Post.

I’m not sure if this was a stolen car, or if some pissed idiot decided that he’d like some take-out but it’s really made a mess of the whole building. The restaurant has been closed since and it looks like they’ll have to get some structural engineers in the see if the whole building is going to collapse on their unwitting customers.

It’s a shame – the food in there is supposed to be really good too.

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