Dopey Bugger

I’ve been suffering lately from Dozey Shit Syndrome. Yesterday, after making some sandwiches for my lunch, I put the plate on the couch while I turned the TV on. I had a newspaper on the coffee table and I was kind of reading something from that while I cleverly positioned my arse on top my cheese and pickle sarnies, which had a rather squashed look about them hence. Still ate them though.

Then this morning I did something even more stupid. I was waiting for the Gas Man to appear (that’s another story) and made myself a nice cup of coffee with my one-cup Morphy Richards coffee maker. Sadly I forgot about the “one cup” part and neglected to place the mug in the appropriate place, thus causing the kitchen surface to be coated with some nice Strength 5 Beckleys coffee. Luckily none of it made it onto the floor.

I’m just wondering what’s going to go wrong next.

By rutty

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