Desperate for a shag

A bloke’s feeling a bit lonely so he goes cruising for a pro in the red light district in Edinburgh.

Eventually he spies likely game, but he’s broke. The girl propositions him anyway and he bemoans his brassic state.

“Oh what about them? Your trainers? I’ll take them!” says the pro, “but I will show no passion and just lie there while you do your thing.”

The bloke agrees. Slides off his trainers and soon he’s going at it enthusiastically while the pro just lies there.

About ten seconds later she’s writhing around, wraps her legs and arms round him and starts grunting. He’s getting really into it and says “Hey i thought you said you’d show no passion?”

“Passion?” she says “Don’t be a mong, I’m trying the fucking trainers on!”

Stolen from the FJT on DDN

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