Denying spammers

I’ve been checking my site statistics this morning and some knobend has managed to rack up over 110 referrals to my site from his shitey link spam site. This idiot hasn’t managed to leave a single comment or trackback on here, but as they’ve managed to get to the top of my referral list for the month I thought it better to block their domain permanently.

I figured I could do this by use of the .htaccess file and a quick Google soon found a solution. I’ve no idea if it works, though I’m sure the information is accurate. I’ll be populating the list with similar transgressors should I think it necessary, though the built-in SpamLookup plugin with Movable Type does a rather good job of keeping my site spam-free.


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  1. I have this problem too.
    Spammers on my trackback.
    Thanks for your recommandation. I will use it and see how

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