As is sometimes seen in shops and restaurants: please excuse our appearance while work is in progress.

I’m trying out a few themes at the moment. I go in cycles with this. I’m trying to work out a decent minimalist theme that’s typography-based. The one that’s active now – Wu Wei – appeals to me a great deal but has some formatting issues that I want to work on.

I think I’d like the content to be central, rather than offset to the right, and the post information in a smaller font and off to the left. I think I can do this but I have more important priorities than farting about on my blog. You’ll notice the lack of posts here recently!

I’ve added a lifestream page which shows my twitter, flickr posts etc, but the formatting is currently rather horrible on that too. I’ll tidy that all up once I’ve done all my other jobs.

Alternatively, I may just move on to a different theme if the mood takes me (and it might)

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