Dear Spammers

Thank you very much for visiting my website with your little bot. I always appreciate comments suggesting that I visit your website so that I can buy whatever drug or pornography that you’re peddling. I have no problem whatsover providing you with free advertising and that one extra link to your link-farm.

Under no circumstances would I use MT Blacklist to prevent this from happening, nor would I try and despam the few entries that get through the filters due to your never-ending quest to buy new domain names.

I’m pleased to see that you’re also leaving plenty of “trackback pings” on my site to your scat and BDSH sites. Again, I’m delighted that you’re having such an active time updating your own website and then letting me know about it. Please carry on doing so. I never check my emails anyway, and as I’ve not installed or activated MT Blacklist I wouldn’t be told that you’ve just left me a comment or a ping.

You’re nearly up to the big 1000 already! Well done on your industriousness. Wow, I’m really impressed. In fact I’m so impressed that I just wet myself.

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