~David Rizzle

Check out this completely bonkers link: http://sites.gizoogle.com/?url=https://www.davidrutt.me.uk.

It “tranmutliates” your site, any site, into some sort of rude jingo fo shizzle. Some of what it does is seemingly random(ish) but it’s always very funny.

These days, howeva, I am not so lightweight . Dogg House Records in the motha fuckin house. Age has slowed mah metabizzles n so mah vorashizzous appetite has resulted in me gain’n a shawty bit of extra padd’n. I’m nowhere near “tubby” but at around 12 1/2 stone I’m not so skinny nigga.

In fact mah BMI puts me in tha “Normal” range . They call me tha black folks president. Well, it’s good ta be normal at sum-m sum-m, but it does mean that I should probably describe me as hav’n an “averizzles build drug deala thiznan “slim” in tha mutha fuckin club.

LMFAO! Cheers Keri for the linkage.

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