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David Letterman hairy chest photos

Whoever entered the phrase “David Letterman hairy chest photos” into a search engine (and found my site my accident) I’d just like to say: “you sick bastard!” Not as sick as the person who came here looking for “exploding baby” though.

Other disconcerting search phrases that have ended up directing people to this site are as follows:

jade goody pics (or naked/topless) make up a large proportion of searches
blg (not sure if they found what they were looking for)
gordon brown glass eye
colonic irrigation nottingham
adjust testicles and penis joke
nizlopi autistic?
mcarthur glenn mansfield directions (Junction 28 on the M1 – just follow the signs!)
pics of monkeys fucking
mansfield nottinghamshire sexy stuff (let me know if you find any)
need a (!)
workplace arseholes

These were all searched for this month. Hope you enjoyed your visit even if you didn’t find where to get your arse cleaned out or anything about Gordon Brown’s artificial eye.

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