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Dave is turning

Dave is turning, originally uploaded by rutty.


This is my rehearsal copy of our Area piece: Berlioz’s La Carnaval Romain. I’ve been moved onto second cornet for this and rather enjoying the experience, although I have to sometimes think what the heck those notes under the stave are. Can you spot the bottom G#?

The instruction “Dave is turning” is there to remind me to turn the page so that my second cornet compatriot Bren can play a pianissimo bottom D in the next bar.

It’s a great, if rather ancient, piece of music, with some big tunes and lots of places for musical accidents. A good choice for the area I think

  1. It’s pretty slow at that point, thankfully. I do get to use my third valve just a little bit too much along there though 😉

    Cracking piece of music. Have you heard it before?

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