Dave está contento que España ganó!

So, Spain are the deserved winners of Euro 2008. If Germany had somehow managed to contrive a win in this final that they would have committed a heinous crime against football. Germany were awful against Turkey and were almost as bad tonight.

However, Germany were incapable of scoring in a game controlled almost completely by the Spanish. It was an entertaining game that belied the superiority of the Spanish team. Germany’s defense was all at sea and Spain could have, and should have, won by a much bigger margin.

Germany had nothing to offer in attack. They had maybe ten minutes in each half where they offered anything like an opposition. Their dead-ball attacks were mostly ineffective and they hardly had a decent effort at goal all game. Spain, on the other hand, showed the Germans how to play attractive, flowing football. Torres scored a dream of a goal – exposing the weakness of the German defense – and could have scored a few more.

Justice was done. The best team of the tournament won.

It does make you wonder, though, how England could have got on here. If a team as poor as Germany could get to the final, just think of the possibility of our team, as average as they’ve proven themselves to be over last few years, could have possibly made it to the final themselves.

Oh well, World Cup qualification drama here we come.

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