Cyber hugs

A bunch of concerned researchers in Singapore have been developing technology that will allow absent parents to “hug” their kids over the internet. They’ve designed a “wireless vibration jacket” that can simulate activity from from a person connected from anywhere in the world, potentially to ex-“rock” stars in Vietnam no doubt.

Initially they’ve decided to test this technology on chickens first. It’s no entirely clear why they’ve chosen chickens for this, but perhaps there are also aiming for the rural American market where people might be more familiar with their fowl.

“The end objective eventually is to allow people to transmit touch over the internet. At this stage, they are really using chickens as a first stage test.”

It looks like there could be potential for all sorts of alternative uses for this. I can think of plenty of items that could be sold via Ann Summers or similar. Alternatively you could have some sort of cap that could give you a remote Indian head massage or a pair of pants that your friends could use to punch you in the nuts if you’re an idiot. Or, whatever.

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