CSI: Nottingham

Following our burglary on Tuesday I had a visit from our local Scene of Crime team. This turned out to be a small scottish woman with a brush and a briefcase. She dusted for prints around the point of entry and didn’t find any.

There wasn’t really much else she could do I suppose, though I was severely disappointed that she didn’t gather some DNA, small insect pupae or collection of hairs from various parts of the house before disappearing back to her high-tech lab in a Hummer. I think she had a Fiesta.

The only way that we’re going to get this stuff back is if the police happen upon a house with it all stored in. Either way the stupid idiots are going to have trouble selling anything that they stole. The camera has no way of being charged and both laptops have European plugs on, although they did steal the adaptors too.

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