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Cry baby

Further to my previous entry about the Aussies being pussies it would appear that Matthew Hayden is joining in with the wussery (I just made that word up). He’s complaining about a poorly-aimed Simon Jones throw that hit him in the ribs.

Now, I’ve not played cricket for a while but it’s a pretty hazardous game. That ball is rather hard and you’re generally in danger of being hit by it if you’re a batsmen. In fact, anyone on that pitch can suffer a ball in the teeth if they’re unfortunate. I was umpiring once and almost got the ball deposited between my eyes by a decent hook shot.

Going by the Aussies behaviour since they got here it looks like they’re the ones doing all the whinging. I’m looking forward to the game on Saturday – should be a good, competitive match with a bit of an edge.

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