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Crich at night

Crich at night

Originally uploaded by rutty.

I’ve been mostly playing Horde over the last few months in World of Warcraft and the attached image is of my currently level 42 Troll Hunter called Crich.

Yes, I named him after the delightful Derbyshire town in the peaks.

If you’re on the Venture Co and you’re Horde, then give me a wave. If you’re Alliance, well you can give me a wave too. I tend not to be too aggressive at PvP.

  1. Hey Crich,

    How ya doing? Was searching for the Plunda Klub forum on a PC at work and a link to your Blog came up, which looks great by the way.

    Took me a while to find out who you were in the Klub, but nice to finally “meet” you, so to speak.

    Busy with work and things for a month so won’t be around much until March. I’m sure I’ll see you sometime in the future running around Azeroth or Outland.



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