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Crap weather

The weather in Nottingham over the last week or so has been a bit crap. Not crap as in “bad weather” but crap as in “inadequate”. The country is supposedly in the grip of some terrible winter cold snap, and yet we seem to have missed it here. It’s not been especially cold, it has snowed but failed miserably to settle and it’s just been a generally crap winter storm.

We had a period of about four or five days last week where the snow seemed to be falling for a good few hours, left a miserable layer of white on parked cars and precious little else, then melted within ten minutes of the sun coming up. For winter weather, this is just a plain crap effort by mother nature.

Having said all that I can’t say that I’m looking forward to walking home from work this evening. The wind is fair rattling these ancient windows and it doesn’t sound very nice out there. It sounds mad enough that I’ll be chuckling to myself regarding some of the poor buggers that I work with that are going to be subjected to it while watching Nottingham Forrest lose to Spurs at the City Ground later tonight. Hope you’re all wearing vests guys!

  1. quit yer bitchin, you could be in my shoes, 10.5 inches of snow on monday, and if that wasnt bad enough for the following 4 days winds of 25 mph with gusts of 40 mph. white outs, accidents, extreme cold. 3 hrs of sleep a day , maybe the rest of it spent in the big plow truck. then today when it setled down, people calling, bitching about their mailboxes being broken, etc..
    then upon arriving home i fall into a major sleep, which lasted 1.5 hrs, until awoken by a damm phone call from another ‘tax payer’ letting me know it was snowing again. i say ‘fuck mother nature, i hope she dies on a ice covered road, along with most of my constituents. thank you for the venting opportunity

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