Corsa woes – a fellow sufferer

A little while ago I blogged about a little problem I had putting petrol into a work rental car. I seemed unable to open the petrol cap, despite pulling every possible lever in the cabin.

It seems like someone else has had the same problem. I checked my stats today and there’s been someone visiting my site that typed “how do i open petrol flap on corsa” into a search engine and turned up here! Thankfully, the answer they required was within these pages – the cap is tied into the central locking. You merely have to press the “unlock” button again and it pops open.

My car requires me to unlock the cap with a key. It’s so 1996.

Having read through some of the other search phrases used to come here, I thought I’d better share some. There are some odd people out there:

blog farting
gordon brown glass eye
chav wollaton nottingham
how huge mario ancic penis
pronounciation bukkake (it’s “book-car-key” btw)
paranormal deathmatch
wiffy farts
exploding baby

“Cottaging” is still providing me with the most inward links, with almost 20% of all visitors being disappointed by the lack of homosexual public toilet action! Sorry about that, maybe later.

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