Comments and Trackbacks

I’ve noticed a considerable increase in junk comments and trackbacks recently. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but the spammers seem to have found a way of cirumventing some of the anti-spam features that Movable Type has built in. These are still getting junked, but there’s an awful lot to wade through to find any false-positives.

I’ve also noticed that one of the lookup services seems to be marking down perfectly legitimate sites (even as “spam” when clearly they aren’t. I’ve found a number of comments and trackbacks that should have been posted in with the junk as a consequence, so if you post a message on here and it doesn’t appear then I apologise. I’ll dig it out eventually and publish it.

In the meantime, you increase the chance of your comment being junked if you leave a URL to your own site in the form. You’re welcome to do this of course, but you can almost guarantee your comment appearing if you leave that blank. I’m starting white-list a bunch of sites, so regular visitors shouldn’t need to worry.

Please bare with me while I get this sorted out.

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