Come on Tim!

I just can’t help myself. I’m going to be screeching at my TV later on today when “Tiger” Tim Henman takes to the centre court at Wimbledon today, hoping that Tim can make it through to the semi-final. Maybe, just maybe, this is his year.

He hasn’t been in that impressive form this tournament, but there were suggestions in his victory over Mark Philippousis that he was hitting a good vein of form, especially in the first two sets. He seems better able to cope with the tight points this year, as can be seen from his progress at the French Open this year.

Even if Tim beats Mario Ancic (not a formality by any means – the young fella is pretty bloody good) he’ll most likely end up facing Andy Roddick in the semi. Now, that should be a good game. But first, he must beat the Croat, so expect me to be screaming like a girl later this afternoon.

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