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It’s probably become obvious that I’ve recently started to get addicted to photography. I just can’t stop taking photos. Everywhere I walk I see things that I want to snap. I frame the shots in my mind even if I don’t have my camera with me.

This can only end up being expensive in the long-run, but for the time being I’m going to be sticking with my budget digital camera, the Kodak Z740 Zoom. For the price (about £150) it has a 10x optical zoom and 5 megapixels and does have plenty of options that I can play with. I’d prefer to have a nice Digital SLR so that I have more control over my shots but those are way out of my price range at the moment.

The photo shown here was originally taken with my old Olympus IR-300 which some rotten bastard stole from our house. This isn’t the original but a photoshopped version created by some nice person over on Flickr, one niriverson. The original suffered from an over-exposed sky and an under-exposed Colosseum. It still looked nice it could be improved by some post-processing.

Luckily one of the flickr groups, The World Through My Eyes” offered a service whereby they’d open up your photos for touching up by others. I think that niriverson has done an excellent job of making my photo better.

I tried to do it myself initially using the GIMP, but I couldn’t figure out the best method. There are one or two tutorials on how to use the GIMP for certain things and I could make a mask and adjust the two separate bits, but I couldn’t merge them together again afterwards.

I’m sure that I just need to spend a little time working it out or find a decent GIMP tutorial site. As a Linux user this tool is probably the best I have at my disposal, plus it’s free.

So, expect even more photos to appear on here!

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