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Clumber Park

Clumber Park Chapel

Clumber Park Chapel

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Good Friday also saw us visit Clumber Park. This is an excellently maintained park not far south of Doncaster owned by the National Trust.

The image on the right is of the fabulous chapel there. It’s described as a “Cathedral in miniature” and this is a good way of describing it. It’s quite ornate inside but about 1/10th the size of a proper cathedral. Lovely building.

The rest of the park is quite lovely too. There are loads of paths for woodland walks and a “pleasure area” for throwing frizbees and having picnics. There’s a bike-hire place for those wanting to get run-over by cars or impaled on exposed branches on woodland paths.

There was a conservation centre there too, but it was closed for the bank-holiday. It would have been nice to see in there.

Well worth a day out for the family, or if you just like walking. Free entry for members of the National Trust too.

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