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Cider – not just for teenagers

Cider – not just for teenagers

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Cider. I was never really into the stuff when I was a kid, unlike the entire under 16 population of the UK. I started off drinking bitter like the good Yorkshireman that I was. I didn’t like the apple-juice drink that seemed so popular with so many other kids.

As I was getting older it was funny to see teenagers stood around outside the off-license trying to persuade adults to buy them a two-litre bottle of the cheapest cider. I tasted that stuff and it was foul.

Well, I know I’m late to this game but I’m starting to like cider. Not the cheap shit, but the decent, strong stuff. Magners is OK, but the best stuff is more obscure and generally from the south-west of England. We were walking around Sainsbury’s at the weekend and thought that a good session on Magners might be in order, but as they didn’t sell it we decided to have a go at a selection of different strong ciders.

We got very drunk on the stuff.

Some were better than others but they were all very good. Our favourite was the Westons 1880 followed byt the Old Rosie Cloudy Scrumpy. Scrumpy is good and I think it might be worth investigating more of that stuff.

Plus, you’d think that you’d be fullfilling at least one portion of your daily fruit and veg by drinking cider right?

  1. Nice! 😀 I’m all for obscure drinking!

    Me and a mate had a few bottles the other week and took a shite pic with the webcam. Leffe and Hoe are a bit mainstream maybe, but good!

    There was a top ten beer list in some random tabloid the other week. The cutout’s now in my wallet to make sure I sample them all. 🙂

  2. I really like Leffe – not a big fan of Hoegardden. I like to drink beer from where I am (when in Rome etc) so I’ll always go for the local micro-brewery stuff if I’m in some pub in the arse-hole of nowhere.

    I’ll be dipping into the variety of cider available at my local supermarket this weekend. Come Sunday I’ll be nursing a rather sore head I think

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