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Chocolate coffee beans

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Who says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Bollocks to that. it’s chocolate. Ask any of those mysterious creatures what their favourite thing is and I can guarantee you that a significant number will reply “chocolate”.

Why? Well, why not? It’s delicious! It’s sweet and lovely and much cheaper than buying anything from Beaverbrooks.

Luckily I have an independent Chocolatier near to where I live called All Things Chocolate. All his chocs are made on the premises and his Hot Chocolate is just bloody lovely! He even does a dark chocolate version.

My personal favourite is the Mocha, which I have with an extra shot of espresso. I love my chocolate but I love coffee more!

A week or so ago I was in there with my girlfriend and I asked if I could take some photos. He seemed interested and brought out some part-made coffee truffles so I could take a few pics. He liked them, and so invited me back to take some more “official” ones.

So, I went back yesterday and took even more photos of chocolate. Not all came out as I wanted, but I got a few decent ones. The chocolate covered coffee beans here aren’t as sharp as I’d like, but then I had to use my longer lens as I don”t have a lens capable of doing a decent macro.

Still, hopefully Phil will be using some of these in his shop. I may try a few “artistic” versions too and get some printed out at Photobox – I’ve already ordered a 20″x16″ version of the truffle photo so I’ll see how that comes out.

It’s great to try out my photography on a such a fabulous subject. And it’s a great local business too, so don’t forget to drop in for a Mocha if you’re passing!

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