Chemist, originally uploaded by rutty.


Today saw Ruby receiving her third set of innoculations at our local Doctors’. She was happy and smiley on the way in but not so much on the way out.

It’s not easy holding your daughter while two nurses stab her in the thighs with needles, however I’d rather listen to her crying for a few minutes than allow her to catch Whooping Cough. Horrible, horrible disease.

We treated her to a cup of latté and a slice of shortbread on the way home (via Jo’s milk delivery system) and she soon calmed down again. She’s such a good baby.

Near our house is this Chemists. They’ve just installed this new sign that illuminates half of Beeston. It’s so bright! I was seeing green flashes for ages afterwards. I edited the photo in iPhoto and upped the saturation while adding as much green tint as I dared. I don’t use colour very well, generally, and I wanted to experiment a little bit. Border added in Picnik on Flickr

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