Cheeky, originally uploaded by rutty.


I’m enjoying using my iPhone as a camera (2 whole megapixels!) but it’s rubbish in low light. As you can see from this effort there’s plenty of grain.

However, it’s good to not have to worry about any settings and it’s far more convenient using my phone than lugging around a large dSLR.

I’ve used iPhoto to convert this to black & white and cropping it square before uploading it to Flickr. I then used the Flickr picture editor (Picknic or however you spell it) to add a vignette and the border.

I don’t think I’ll win any awards for my efforts but I just love the expression on Ruby’s face! You’ll note that she’s wearing her “My 1st Christmas” top – might as well get some extra wear out of it!

Moments before I took this she was sick. IN MY FACE. Which wasn’t very pleasant (but I’ll let her off)

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