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Cheap Beer

I like beer. I’ve never been much of a big boozer, but I do enjoy the occasion pint of whatever takes my fancy, usually bitter. At the weekend I decided that Guinness was my tipple of choice, and had a few pints of the dark stuff while out with my mum and stepdad at East End Park Working Men’s Club.

I know what you’re thinking – WMC, bit of a dive, full of smoke and football hooligans – but I’m here to tell you that not all WMCs are like that, if any are. These places are an excellent drinking hole and social hub for many communities, and this one in Leeds is a particularly good one. There’s Bingo for those that enjoy a game, regular bands on stage (although Saturday’s band were a bit rubbish) and cheap beer. Lots and lots of cheap beer.

I bought a round of five drinks, three pints and two soft drinks, and it only came to £6.18. With Guinness usually costing about £2.50 in a normal pub I think I may have to sign myself up for a local WMC in Nottingham!

I had an excellent night, even if I was out with my mum and her friends. Along with the beer I had chips with curry sauce from the in-house eatery (nice sarnies too) and some great conversation too. Not bad for a night out with the oldies ;o)

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