I miss Toronto

We built this city Originally uploaded by rutty. Now that I’m really starting to get into photography I’m finding that I’m thinking back over all places that I’ve been that I’d love to go back and photograph. Right at the top of this list is Toronto. I’ve got other more compelling reasons to visit – […]

Strippers at last (kind of)

Ooooh la la Originally uploaded by rutty. It’s sad, but I’m back in the UK. Not that it’s bad to be back here but I’ve really enjoyed my time in Toronto. I’ll miss everyone, not least my sister and nieces, but I’m sure that I’ll be back (hopefully with some saucy company!) in the not […]

Niagara Falls

Water, water Originally uploaded by rutty. How bloody impressive are the Niagara Falls eh? This was my second visit there but the Falls still took my breath away. The first time I went was in January a few years ago and as the river was frozen over the Maid of the Mist wasn’t running. This […]

Special Russian Sauce

The food here in Toronto is pretty good. Well, as good as you’d expect in a big city. There are plenty of decent places to eat and we’ve tried a few while we’ve been here. One place we found by accident was What A Bagel on Yonge. We decided to have breakfast here one day […]

The Islands

Centre Island Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday was a family day, so we were still lacking a visit to one of those dodgy bars with pictures of racy ladies outside. Maybe tomorrow. Instead of a strip joint we took the kids to The Centre Island, one of the 14 islands that stretch out into Lake […]

More culture (no strippers – sorry)

CN Tower Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday saw us avoiding houses of ill-repute and visiting places of Canadian Culture – the CN Tower and Hard Rock Cafe (twice). No visit to Toronto could ever be complete without a tour of the CN Tower. It’s my favourite building anywhere and it’s a truly fantastic place to […]

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday saw us taking a little trip to a “Castle” in the posh end of Toronto – Casa Loma. This is the most grand house in Toronto and the closest that they have to a Stately Home being the young nation that they are. It’s very interesting although visitors […]


Reflections Originally uploaded by rutty. Well, here I am in Toronto again. This City always impresses me. There’s nothing to really compare it to in the UK. We don’t have the same collection of tall shiny buildings even in London and the feel of the place is totally different to anywhere in Britain. We’ve been […]

Toronto, here I come

From the island Originally uploaded by rutty. I’m so excited I could crush a grape. Arm-wrestle and Action Man even. I shall be heading off for Birmingham Airport tomorrow morning to board an airplane heading for the lovely Canadian city of Toronto. This will be my fourth visit here and my third staying with my […]

New ‘linux cafe’ opens in Toronto.

New ‘linux cafe’ opens in Toronto. Groups of open source enthusiasts meet there regularly; GTA-lug, Ruby, Python, Asterisk and the Toronto 2600. Linux newbies hang around and gurus visit. There’s a row of penguin buttons and t-shirts and pocket protectors are on the way. Open source, open kitchen, open atmosphere. No doubt I’ll be hoping […]

Leaving, on a jet plane

It’s sad when a holiday has to end, but even sadder when you have to say goodbye to your sister and nieces for what might be six months or more. I’ve had a fantastic time here in Toronto and I’ll be aiming to get back here again sometime soon, maybe May/June next year. We’ll see. […]

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