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Innovations this way

My friend Mike is always coming up with systems thinking ideas. There are a huge number of modelling methods available to us, and this is one of Mike’s more recent ventures into learning new things: Wardley Maps.

These are a great way of identifying product strategy, if you’re into that sort of thing; but they’re also useful for identifying ideas, future problems and for challenging your own misconceptions about the stuff you’re building.

Have a read!

The world is changing fast, and some of the organisations doing the changing have insights that the rest don’t. Visualisation of information allows people to point at a model outside of their head, ask better questions and make better decisions. Wardley Maps are a great way to visualise what happens to provide value to someone […]

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123/365 Seeing Systems

“123/365 Seeing Systems” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I did a talk!

My mate Mike and I have been part of a systems thinking group at work since I started at the UoN back in 2015. We talk about all kinds of systemsy stuff during our weekly workshops, and we had been thinking of creating a talk this year. After much procrastinating we finally managed to get one together, and this was the result: an evening’s slidefest of systemsy goodness for the fine folk of #NottsTest.

We talked about the ideas of Barry Oshry, mostly, but some other concepts inevitably crept in too. We shall have to do this again.