T306 Block 1: Activity 7

Do you feel able to adopt any of the attitudes I have suggested? These attitudes are as follows: Being open and sensitive to all kinds of information about a situation: not just so-called factual information but impressions, intuitions and hunches, including other people’s when they express them; Being willing and able to see the situation…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 7

T306 Block 1: Activity 6

Looking through your previous notes and my previous questions, identify and record any ways your expectations have changed. I think the only way my expectations have changed is in regards to how the course is structured. The Block 1 notes seem to be suggesting that I have to find my own structure. This does worry…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 6

T306 Block1: Activity 5

Make notes on what you think are the main features of systems thinking. Systems thinking, for me, involves the process of describing and understanding systems as wholes. Rather than taking a reductionist view of a system, a wider scope is strived for and systems thinkers attempt to understand how each component of a system might…… Continue reading T306 Block1: Activity 5

T306 Block 1: Activity 4

More questions about my expectations of this course. What activities do you expect to undertake in studying a level 3 course? Short answer? Similar to a level 3 course but harder.Longer answer? This course is the older, more difficult-to-understand sibling of T214 (or so I imagine) and will require a deeper understanding of the course…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 4

T306 Block 1: Activity 2

This activity is a short one. What do you understand the course title to mean? T306 is called ‘Managing Complexity: a Systems Approach’. There are two halves to this, so it looks like I need to define “managing complexity” and “systems approach”. I’ve not yet read the course notes on this so this will be…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 2

T306 Block 1: Activity 1

And so, my T306 activities commence. This is the first of a very large collection of activities for my Open University course T306 Managing Complexity: A Systems Approach. I’m actually starting early – the course doesn’t officially start for another two weeks – but if I don’t start now I will inevitable fall behind later.…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 1