Category: Musical Notes

Vive La France!

I just got back from an absolutely outstanding visit to France with my band Carlton Brass. We were theoretically on tour in the town of Longué-Jumelle which is twinned with nearby Calverton. We did have..

I’m only happy when it rains

I spent most of today dodging downpours, as my band Carlton Brass took part in an entertainments contest at the Dukeries Garden Centre near to Worksop. It’s a lovely place, but the organisers didn’t order..

Rush – Power Windows

I’ve been sorting out some of my old CDs and have come across this old gem of an album. Released in 1985, this was my first, and most beloved, Rush album. 2112 is possibly a..

Whit Marches

Tomorrow sees me donning band uniform and marching through the streets of Lancashire playing with my band Carlton Brass for the annual march contest event. We’ll be playing a couple of amusing ditties on the..


Yesterday I played in a brass band contest in Buxton with my band Carlton Brass. We played Hollywood by composer Goff Richards, and won second prize behind hot favourites Diggle. As you can see, by..


I’ve just spent Sunday evening down at the church, and I really enjoyed myself. My band Carlton Brass were playing at Carlton Pentecostal Church, which is an establishment that has had some visits from our..

Fear Factory

They were once thought to be dead and buried, a once great band that spearheaded the more modern noises made by Metal acts. The big guy on guitar left and everyone thought that that was..