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The X Factor – another nail in the coffin of original music

Last Saturday night millions of UK viewers tuned in to see Leona win the third series of The X Factor, probably the most popular, and influential, talent show around at the moment. Now, Leona is..

The Idle Hands

While I was making myself a bit sozzled in Bolsover this weekend with my mate Rog, I got to listen to The Idle Hands in the Black Bull. They’re a classic British blues/rock band and..

…And the trumpet sounded

I so love going to Birmingham Symphony Hall. It’s such a magnificant auditorium. The accoustics in there have to be heard to be believed. It’s a shame, then, that so few people turned up to..

Ogg Vorbis on iTunes

I rip all of my music into Ogg format. I do this because I like to support the Open Source community and I also like to be different. The MP3 format is old hat these..

I’ve signed up for an excellent service at, an on-line music-based community and somewhere to find, and stream, new and old music. You can add plugins to your media player (like iTunes for instance)..

Vote for me!

This site has been nominated for the April website of the month of at This is an excellent Brass Band website with a thriving community of banders and it’s very flattering to be nominated…

More Media Monkey

I’ve loaded all the artists in my Rock folder into Media Monkey this time, and here’s a snapshot of the first few tracks to be played on shuffle mode: Slipknot – 742617000027 Black Sabbath –..

Media Monkey

I’ve currently got Media Monkey running on my work laptop and I’m using it to play (in “auto-DJ mode) music from the Indie directory of my iriver H340. So far Mr Auto-DJ has chosen some..

The trumpet shall sound

I’ve developed a taste for classical music since last week’s trip to Birmingham Symphony Hall. While we were there I noticed a poster for an organ/trumpet duo concert on the 6th of April involving an..

Oh, the beauty of it all.

Mahler’s Symphony Number 2 was utterly wonderful. There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the whole things was. Birmingham Symphony Hall is acoustically perfect. You can hear a pin drop on stage from..

Wouldn’t you just DIE without Mahler?

This evening will see me heading to the Birmingham Symphony Hall to witness the most incredible musical event of my lifetime – Mahler’s Symphony Number 2, Resurrection. This is my all-time favourite piece of music,..

The buggers listened

We came an excellent third today, and for the second year in a row too. That’s twice in two years that we’ve missed out on a trip to the finals by one place! I thought..