Almost famous

Our band recently played at a really interesting event in the village of Ruddington. It turns out that a survivor of the famous battle of Rorke’s Drift is buried in Ruddington and our band were called in to supply the music for a memorial service for those lost in the battle against the Zulus. We […]

Whit Friday Marches 2008

I spent the best part of last Friday in the lovely Lancashire area of Tameside, where our band were taking part in the traditional Whit Friday Marches contest. For the uninitiated this happens every year (on Whit Friday, natch) and involves many dozens of Britain’s brass bands descending on Tameside and Saddleworth. Each band is […]

Mahler Six – a triumph not a tragedy

My girlfriend is simply the best. She knows what I like and she knows that I love Mahler, so she paid for a couple of seats for us at the Royal Centre in Nottingham last night so that I could listen to the BBC Philharmonic playing Mahler’s sixth symphony. His sixth symphony is coined “Tragic”. […]


I was reading a post over at Bad Astronomy about Brian May and the comments there discussed a number of his collaborations. I’ve always liked Queen and some of his solo stuff has been OK too. Anyway, back in the early 80s I bought an EP called Starfleet by Brian May & Friends. Here’s the […]

The kicking of shins

I’ve got quite an eclectic mix of musical tastes but my most listened-to music often uses that most iconic of instruments – the guitar. I just love those hefty, gritty chords ripped out by some talented axeman. My collection includes a lot of rock and metal. There’s a real pot pourri of genres – everything […]

Updating the band site

It seems that I’m in the process of combining two of my favourite activities: brass banding and farting about on the internet. After some sterling work over the years by our old PR man Ray, it is now my responsibility to maintain the Carlton Brass website. Since its inception the website has been lovingly hand-crafted […]


I know that I’m afflicted with a love for Brass Bands but most of my listening time is spent listening to Rock and Metal. Naturally, when the other half is around I’m subjected to Snow Patrol and the like but I often like to slam on some meat-head metal when there’s no-one else about. Take, […]

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