I’m a little horny

So, Christmas is nearly here. The goose is getting fat, or at least it’s getting ready for pickup from the local farm shop. There’s no escaping it: I get to play a lot of Christmas Carols. It’s not that I dislike Christmas or anything but after 30-odd years of playing the same tunes out in […]

Shaddapa YOUR face Joe Dolce

I love this song. The fact that it didn’t get to number one because of one of the biggest musical mistakes of all time makes me almost physically sick (not really). It’s still a work of genius, in my honest opinion. One of the finest songs to emerge from the early 80s and still one […]

Cat Stranglers

I normally detest everything about bagpipes. I think that they’re generally horrible to listen – like an argument amongst a clowder of cats. However, I do have a thing for that classic Scots tune Highland Cathedral and I can just about put up with the screechy cacophony long enough to enjoy something like this: I’ve […]

Time Flies

I’m currently loving the new album by Porcupine Tree – The Incident. It’s such a good prog album, full of 70’s influences and 00’s rock chops. Here’s a taster, the first single Time Flies: The album version is much longer, incorporating some good old prog noodling and some Pink Floyd-esq bass sounds. Cracking stuff

The Armed Man, Karl Jenkins

I’m glad that I’m not stuck with one genre of music taste. The eclectic mix of tunes on my iPhone chucks in tracks by Bjork and David Cloyd amongst rock monsters like Mastodon and Testament. The fact that I play in a brass band also means that I’m exposed to music that, perhaps, people of […]

Viking Skull – Blackened Sunrise

I’ve been listening to all sorts of random stuff on my iPhone and iTunes recently (I love to shuffle – fnarr!) and this track has been growing on me like a fungus: a hard rockin’ fungus. I’ve not heard of Viking Skull before hearing this. I think the track was on one of those free […]

Skeggy. It’s bracing.

Skegness beckons once more. It’s that time of year when brass band musicians and enthusiasts head into the fog-shrouded fens of Lincolnshire for the Butlins Mineworkers Open Festival. It’s an event not to be missed in the brass band calender. No, really. I shall be there, and so will the rest of our band: Carlton […]


I’m currently listening to my music collection on shuffle mode and a rather amusing cover of the theme from Cheers just came on. It’s rather good too, as performed by The Wildhearts. It’s excellent accompaniment to the sound of me shredding old statements. Hell, The Wildhearts are great accompaniment to all sorts of shredding!

Heeding The Call

I don’t know why but I’m starting to find certain Power Metal bands to be rather entertaining. I’ve always kinda liked Manowar – not because of the loincloths or due to some homoerotic fantasism – but because they rock with a big grin on their faces. It’s pure cheese but fabulous all the same – […]

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