Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - Fraternity [Thierre Deleruyelle] - NM 2017

I love brass band music. Not quite as much as Metal, but there are certain pieces that really create an emotional response that Metal cannot normally get anywhere near. One of these pieces is the incredibly descriptive music within Fraternity, a test piece (composed by Thierre Deleruyelle) that stirs the emotions like few others. It’s…… Continue reading Fraternity

Metal Hammer’s 100 Best Albums of 2017 – 100 to 96

So, my mammoth listen-through of Metal Hammer’s top 100 albums of 2017 begins. My ears have been subjected to 2,275 different artists, according to, but I have not heard of any of the first ten bands. Embarrassing. Still, this is the point of doing this, so here we go. Who is at number 100?…… Continue reading Metal Hammer’s 100 Best Albums of 2017 – 100 to 96

King Goat – Conduit

Like a large slice of Doom Metal with a side-order of Prog? Then you’ll love King Goat. I can’t stop listening to this track. The rest of the album is very good too. Go and buy it!


I know it’s not fashionable to prefer the Phil Collin’s era of Genesis over Peter Gabriel, but there’s just something about the poppier approach. I like it. I like it a lot. My favourite Genesis track is this: This is a great track by any standards.

Maynard Ferguson Legacy Big Band

Maynard Ferguson Legacy Big Band, a photo by rutty on Flickr. This weekend saw me spend 48 hours or so in the most bracing part of England – Skegness for my favourite brass band event of the year, the Butlin’s Mineworkers Championships. Thousands of brass banders managed to get there despite the atrocious weather conditions.…… Continue reading Maynard Ferguson Legacy Big Band


No, not the BBC/OU programme about the UK coastline but an excellent track from the wonderful Devin Townsend. I seem to have missed a few albums recently. I need to catch up – the guy is one of the Metal world’s best kept secrets