19/365 Biscuits bad?

19/365 Biscuits bad?

I love my Captain Rondos. They are a staple of my snack drawer at work, and popular with my co-workers. Thanks Lidl!

I have found that maintaining a snack drawer has saved me a fortune in visits to the vending machine. Spending ~£8 in Lidl on products that resemble ‘big name’ snacks results in around 3 weeks of work snackage. It is 90p for a Snickers in the vending machine, but the Lidl equivalent is less than 20% of that.

This does mean that I also eat more snacks, but the ~4 kilometer walk into work burns off enough calories to compensate most days.

7/365 Mr Man’s

7/365 Mr Man's

We’ve had some lovely meals at Mr Man’s in Wollaton, and we were very lucky to be invited for another meal there today. It’s my Dad’s and Step-mum’s anniversary, and they were also meeting up with some family friends too.

Ruby particularly enjoyed the wanton soup for starters, and the rest of the set meal was also delicious. Highly recommended!

Return of the pie

We’ve been eating mostly healthy food over the last several months and so a previous staple of my diet has mostly disappeared: pies.

I love pies – savoury or sweet. They’re the pinnacle of pastry-topped food and I love them. I just haven’t been eating them very much recently.

However, I managed to revisit Pie Heaven today during a visit to the rather excellent Bottle Kiln.

Sad Davey

Sad Davey – Day 11 Originally uploaded by rutty. Christmas is over and I’m back at work today. That isn’t the saddening thing for me, but the fact that I’ve had to leave my girlfriend to travel back to Nottingham