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Halfway There

I was having a conversation with a colleague yesterday and the topic of retirement came up. It’s likely that I’ll be unable to retire until I’m 68 (thanks Government peoples!) which leaves me with another..


Running, a photo by rutty on Flickr. The weather has been somewhat bracing of late, but that means nothing to our energetic daughter who loves running around and not wearing her gloves. We spent a..

Has it been 30 years?

I was born and brought up in Leeds and have been a fairly apathetic supporter of The Whites for most of my life. I’ve had some poorly-judged dalliances with both Nottingham Forest and Liverpool in..

Carlton Brass

Carlton Brass, a set on Flickr. Our band performed at Nottingham Arboretum yesterday and I decided to take some “arty” shots with my iPhone of some aspects of brass banding. I used Camera+ to do..

Photo day at nursery

Photo day at nursery, originally uploaded by rutty.

Blimey. It’s been a while

This place has been a bit of a blogging wasteland for the last few months. I’ve been a little busy with real life, and once my last OU module finished I just couldn’t be bothered..

Happy birthday Ruby

I’m not sure how this has happened so quickly, but it turns out that our little girl is already two years old. Did someone speed up time over the last couple of years? It’s impossible..

It’s a lovely day out there

It’s a lovely day out there

The weather is just lovely today. I am also testing out this iPhone WordPress app. Maybe I’ll add a photo too, if I can figure it out

The look

The look

The look, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 119/365 This is the default stare during Waybuloo. We have an evening routine. Ruby has a bath, everyone gets soaked, Ruby puts on her dressing gown, comes..



Brushing, originally uploaded by rutty. 27/365 Ruby is into her 17th month now and sprouting a nice array of pearly white teeth. These teeth are sharp, something I’ve found to my cost on a couple..

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by rutty. Ruby enjoyed “helping” Mummy and Daddy with the tree decorations this year! Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

Square blocks

Square blocks

Square blocks, originally uploaded by rutty. 227/365 Our lounge has turned into more of a play area than somewhere to watch Big Brother on the sofa. It’s not very large and we always try and..