Category: General Chunterings

Dopey Bugger

I’ve been suffering lately from Dozey Shit Syndrome. Yesterday, after making some sandwiches for my lunch, I put the plate on the couch while I turned the TV on. I had a newspaper on the..

Penis plant

The internet is full of pictures of rude-looking plants and vegetables, so it only seems fitting that I should join in with the “fun”! Behold – the penis-shaped cactus! This is my sister’s plant –..

See my shiny car!

After piquing your interest with my previous post, here’s a picture of my nice, shiny car after I’d spent ages cleaning and polishing it. As you can see, it’s nice and red. Stalkers may note..

My car is shiny

I’ve just spent two hours cleaning and polishing my car. Now it’s nice and shiny, and my fingers don’t work properly I need to get one of those stone-chip repair kits. Our local council has..

My desktop – work

OK, in order to test images on this site, here’s my work desktop: Hmmmm….beer! It’s a photo taken by Dotdragnet admin bod Tempra, who was having a crafty pint of Stella in his garden while..