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I Believe

The ever-entertaining Digital Cuttlefish has another wonderful poem that sets out what he, as an atheist, believes. I believe in love and kindness I believe in helping hands I believe in strong opinions I believe..

Even the bins are tracking us

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous I can see this sort of thing happening more and more frequently: When you’re being tracked by a smart trashcan, shouldn’t you have to opt in first? — Paul Douglas..

Ah, So That’s Where The Fat Went! » The Digital Cuttlefish

The fatberg is one of the most interesting (and disgusting) news items of recent months. The Digital Cuttlefish has written a great little poem about it. A rack of ribs; a leg of lamb; A..

How to make everybody on the internet behave | Bigmouth Strikes Again

The always amusing Gary Marshall has resurrected a nicely pertinent article that explains why some people can’t help being total arseholes on the Internet: How to make everybody on the internet behave | Bigmouth Strikes..

The Big Idea: Chris Kluwe

Us Brits tend not to follow American Football that much, but I used to love it back in the day. I decided to make the 49ers my team back when the Bears were winning everything..

Cromer 2013

Cromer 2013, a set on Flickr. A collection of photos from our amazing holiday to North Norfolk

Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park, a photo by rutty on Flickr. We are lucky to live in Nottingham. There are plenty of green spaces within a short distance, and a three year-old with lots of energy needs somewhere..

Snowy fun at Highfield’s Park

Snowy fun at Highfield’s Park, a photo by rutty on Flickr. Well, the snow is now all gone, but we managed to have some fun in it while it was still here. Jo, Ruby and..

Snow henchman

Snow henchman, a photo by rutty on Flickr. I had a lot of fun at Butlins this weekend, but the most fun of all was making this (somewhat evil-looking) snowman with my daughter.

Maynard Ferguson Legacy Big Band

Maynard Ferguson Legacy Big Band, a photo by rutty on Flickr. This weekend saw me spend 48 hours or so in the most bracing part of England – Skegness for my favourite brass band event..