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ISO – the dog that hasn’t barked

I’m following the arguments surrounding ISO 29119 with interest. It seems right up my employer’s street and I’ll be utterly unsurprised to find that someone in our practice has decided to shackle us to it..

Is Best Practice the Enemy of Innovation?

Does ‘best practice’ stifle innovation? Those of us that work for large organisations are often lumbered with having to work with whatever processes the higher ups have decided is best. I thought this article was..

The two surprising NHS surveys the government hopes you don’t see

Privatised healthcare makes it more expensive – and less effective – for everyone. The NHS is not perfect but don’t let political ideologues muck it up beyond repair

Let It Go

Ruby is utterly obsessed with ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen. To be honest, so am I (just a little bit). I think it’s one of the finest, catchiest songs to come out in many a..

Scotland This is a test to see how well Google+ posts can be shared with WordPress. So far I’m not impressed. As much as Flickr is annoying me with its removal of certain features (especially..

A nation of slaves – Charlie’s Diary

One of my favourite writers finds a particularly difficult nail and hits in squarely on the head in his most recent article, and asks a questions that will be sure to have Daily Mail readers..

David and Jeremy want your kids to die (unless you’re rich)

Rufus is a proper shot in the arm for the NHS (see what I did there?). Hope this provides enough impetus to the opposition to STOP the sell-off of the NHS

Thinking the impossible? Or wishing for the impossible?

Love this. My work aren’t /that/ bad but you do wonder at some of the wildly optimistic assumptions that emerge from contract discussions.

Four today

Four today, a photo by rutty on Flickr. I don’t know how this is possible – seeing as Ruby’s birth seems so recent – but out gorgeous little girl is four today. Four! One more..

A most bizarre and mysterious cocoon

It’s left out a gate. Rubbish (Also, the images above don’t seem to be appearing for me. Click through to Jerry Coyne’s site to see them. Amazing and mysterious)