2020 already?


Back at the beginning of last year I said something or other about writing more in 2019. I was just chock-full of enthusiasm about it too. Maybe. I wrote four posts, including that one. It’s difficult to argue that this was anywhere near the definition of ‘write more’, however I find myself starting another year…… Continue reading 2020 already?

Never Grow Up

Parenting is difficult, isn’t it? You become responsible for an actual juvenile human and have the privilege of guiding them towards adulthood. This is a protracted experience for all involved, and while there are some painful points along the way I have experienced more joy in these last ten years than I ever hoped for.…… Continue reading Never Grow Up

I <3 Toronto

2018 finished in style for us with a two week trip to visit my family in Toronto. I’ve always loved this city and have visited six times now: mostly because my sister, nieces and mum live there these days, but also because it’s a fabulously vibrant city. It’s fair to say that it is a…… Continue reading I <3 Toronto

Happy New Year!

It is 2019 already. So soon after 2018 too. These years are following on from each other more quickly each year. Last year was a pretty traumatic time for the folks of planet Earth, with a huge amount of drama around. The political sphere was particularly turbulent with Trump and Brexit providing a whole load…… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Adding YouTube videos

https://youtu.be/AOgyh0LDKs0 Do They Know This Agile Thing? 2018 | Band Aid Parody Just trying out the YouTube embed feature with this Agile-based bit of Christmas fun. You’re welcome. *edit* OK, so the formatting of this post is even worse than the one for the earlier Flickr one. Am disappointed. I’m assuming that the 2019 WordPress…… Continue reading Adding YouTube videos

305/365 Stairwell

305/365 Stairwell by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Tonight is #NottsTest and we are having it in the Portland Building at the University of Nottingham. This is our first time in this building, which is a bit of a maze. Several of our folks got lost in the old part of the building, which…… Continue reading 305/365 Stairwell