Category: Geekery

  • Evolving. Slowly.

    I’m taking a naturalistic approach to this site’s design at the moment. I’m trying different things out and seeing if I like them – assuming the site still works afterwards of course. I subscribe to the rather excellent Smashing Magazine and they had a great post about textures and patterns in web design a little […]

  • Things may seem odd for a bit

    There’s not been a lot of activity over here for a while but I hope to be posting more often very soon. I’ve had an extremely busy few months, what with getting married and trying keep my job and all that, so I’ve not really had either the time or inclination to be posting much […]

  • Band website

    A few months ago I took over the job of Public Relations from my old mate Ray at band. I took the decision to take the opportunity to update the band website and I’m close to getting the site how I’d want it. It’s temporarily on a new domain while we get the old one […]

  • Running Solaris in Leopard

    I have a bit of a thing for operating systems. I know that such interests are considered to be somewhere beyond “Geek” but I just can’t help myself. I’ve enjoyed working with a wide variety of OSs as part of my job (HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, Linux) and I’ve also played around with various flavours of […]

  • I used to be indecisive

    … but now I’m not so sure. OK, I’ll admit it. That’s a really old joke but it does kind of sum-up my approach to this blog’s design. I find a theme I like, try it out, decide to keep it and perhaps make a few changes to personalise it. The problems start when I […]

  • Updating the band site

    It seems that I’m in the process of combining two of my favourite activities: brass banding and farting about on the internet. After some sterling work over the years by our old PR man Ray, it is now my responsibility to maintain the Carlton Brass website. Since its inception the website has been lovingly hand-crafted […]

  • Upgraded

    I updated my blog to WordPress version 2.5 last night and, as usual, I managed to make a right dog’s mess of the whole thing. I’m not sure how I do it but these things always seem to go wrong. Most of my problems, this time, seemed to be down to my choice for FTP […]

  • Mucking about with templates (again)

    You may have noticed that my site looks a little bit different. I just can’t stop myself fart-arsing about with the templates on this site and this isn’t helped by the plethora of interesting designs available for WordPress. In times past I may have made an attempt at designing my own, but those days are […]

  • Is file-sharing actually stealing?

    There’s been oodles of discussion about file-sharing over the years. It’s endemic among the music hounds out there who can’t/won’t pay for music so just download it from whoever. I’ve taken the high horse attitude over this, mostly, where I’ve righteously stated that downloading music over Limeware etc is morally wrong and that people should […]

  • ISPs – how to make me hate you

    I was reading the Slashdot feed earlier and found an interesting story from Techdirt regarding various large Internet Service Providers attempts to find “alternative revenue streams”. For some reason they think that this is a good idea: A few years ago, they picked up on the fact that they have a tremendous amount of data […]

  • An Ode to “Mr Customer”

    Sky Broadband customer service is utter crap. Ok, so I should probably qualify that statement. The two people that we spoke to in a futile attempt to sort out our wireless router were clueless and disinterested. We have two computers connected to our Sky Broadband router – some Netgear equipment re-badged. My iMac is connected […]

  • Bloody WordPress!

    Would you Adam and Eve it? I’ve been a little bit slow to update WordPress since a new version came out a few weeks ago. Well, I went on holiday and everything so I had far more important things to be doing. So, yesterday I decided to actually go ahead and get it done. I’d […]