Going on Safari

I’ve never really been a fan of Apple’s internet browser. It’s never looked like it’s been finished to me, missing all sorts of features that you can find in the likes of Firefox. However, Safari Beta 4 is starting to turn my head. It looks rather nice and seems quicker than Firefox 3. Unfortunately, I…… Continue reading Going on Safari

WordPress 2.7

The latest, and possibly greatest, version of WordPress is now released. Named after freeform Jazz pioneer John Coltrane this new major release delivers an entirely new backend, the design of which was driven by the WordPress community. Apparently. It seems very nice – certainly an improvement over the previous version although it’s taking me a…… Continue reading WordPress 2.7

Nasty personages

There are some rotten sods on the internet. Over the last two weeks I’ve had a few problems with this blog. These issues have been caused partly by the incompetence or laziness (or both) of people sharing my hosts server but also by the desire of malware writers to infect users’ PCs. I was “hacked”.…… Continue reading Nasty personages

Science rocks my socks

Adam Savage is rapidly becoming one of my favourite TV presenters. He’s just a big, ginger, beardy kid with a love of science (and blowing things up). What’s not to like? Here’s proof: Remember kids – don’t try this at home! Found via Bad Astronomy. Cheers!

Cancer – good for your stats

Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease but it seems that one recent cancer-related news story has driven a considerable amount of extra traffic here. It was announced on Tuesday that Jade Goody has cervical cancer. This is a sad state of affairs even if I do think that Jade makes a pretty worthless “celebrity”. It’s…… Continue reading Cancer – good for your stats

Yet another new theme

You know, I just can’t stop fart-arsing about with my blog theme. I think it’s a disease or something, but I’m finding it impossible to stick with just one. What makes my blog indecision harder is that Smashing Magazine keep releasing excellent free themes. This newest one, Infinity by yichi, looks gorgeous and I couldn’t…… Continue reading Yet another new theme

Evolving. Slowly.

I’m taking a naturalistic approach to this site’s design at the moment. I’m trying different things out and seeing if I like them – assuming the site still works afterwards of course. I subscribe to the rather excellent Smashing Magazine and they had a great post about textures and patterns in web design a little…… Continue reading Evolving. Slowly.