Casa Loma

Casa Loma Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday saw us taking a little trip to a “Castle” in the posh end of Toronto – Casa Loma. This is the most grand house in Toronto and the closest that they have to a Stately Home being the young nation that they are. It’s very interesting although visitors […]


Reflections Originally uploaded by rutty. Well, here I am in Toronto again. This City always impresses me. There’s nothing to really compare it to in the UK. We don’t have the same collection of tall shiny buildings even in London and the feel of the place is totally different to anywhere in Britain. We’ve been […]

Anglo Scotian Mills

Slopey red kitchen Originally uploaded by rutty. A very strange thing happened to me a few days ago. I got an email from a guy called Dan Walker thanking me for an article I’d written about the gorgeous development at Anglo Scotian Mills, an old lace mill in Beeston. They’d found my site through Google […]

The Cotswolds

St James’ Church Originally uploaded by rutty. This past Bank Holiday Weekend had the usual mix of British Weather – clouds, rain, hail and a bit of sun. You can almost guarantee that you’ll need some sort of water-proofing once the extended weekend comes around, and this last weekend was no exception. The umbrella had […]


Colosseum Originally uploaded by rutty. It’s probably become obvious that I’ve recently started to get addicted to photography. I just can’t stop taking photos. Everywhere I walk I see things that I want to snap. I frame the shots in my mind even if I don’t have my camera with me. This can only end […]

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