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New camera needs testing

Misty Originally uploaded by rutty. I recently treated myself to a small gift – a new Canon EOS 400D. OK, so it’s been put on the never never until I can pay it off, but..

I’m an artist, me.

The Northern Irish Coast Originally uploaded by rutty. I wish that I was any good at painting. Rather than spending endless hundreds of pounds on those average-looking canvasses that you see for sale in these..


Lincoln Cathedral Originally uploaded by rutty. Lincolnshire. What do you think of when you hear Lincolnshire? Sausages? Extremely boring countryside? Inter-family sexual relationships? Tractors? These are all (allegedly) factors in this lovely county but I..

I want an iMac

iMac G5 Desk Originally uploaded by luisfersolano. I just can’t help myself wanting one of these babies. I got to see one in action while I was in Northern Ireland and I was majorly impressed..

Healthy eating etc

Healthy eating Originally uploaded by rutty. This is either going to kill me or cure me. I’ve just returned from my second run this week. Regular exercisers will scoff at my meagre efforts but my..

Getting tubby

The Giant’s Boot Originally uploaded by rutty. I’m at that age when I’m starting to realise that I’m getting older. I obviously noticed my incrementingage numerically as the birthdays have come and gone, but it’s..

Northern Ireland

Queen Victoria Originally uploaded by rutty. I’ve had more holidays than usual this year, and I’ve just got back from my last one of 2006 – a short visit to stay with friends in the..

I am a winner!

Lovely flowers Originally uploaded by rutty. OK, so “runner-up” would be more accurate, but I’ve attained a respectable almost-best position in a photo-competition at work. There were three themes for this competition: nature, tranquility and..

Strippers at last (kind of)

Ooooh la la Originally uploaded by rutty. It’s sad, but I’m back in the UK. Not that it’s bad to be back here but I’ve really enjoyed my time in Toronto. I’ll miss everyone, not..

Niagara Falls

Water, water Originally uploaded by rutty. How bloody impressive are the Niagara Falls eh? This was my second visit there but the Falls still took my breath away. The first time I went was in..

The Islands

Centre Island Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday was a family day, so we were still lacking a visit to one of those dodgy bars with pictures of racy ladies outside. Maybe tomorrow. Instead of a..

More culture (no strippers – sorry)

CN Tower Originally uploaded by rutty. Yesterday saw us avoiding houses of ill-repute and visiting places of Canadian Culture – the CN Tower and Hard Rock Cafe (twice). No visit to Toronto could ever be..