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Wonky Smile

I’ve been spending some time going over my old photos in iPhoto recently. I’ve found that this is a particularly useful application for arranging my shots and it also doubles as a half-decent photograph “improver”…

Are you sure this is good for you?

*pants* Originally uploaded by rutty. So, I’m getting old. I’m a couple of years or so away from 40 – 40! – and I’m starting to feel my age. My old body can hardly cope..

Of Owls and Thoresby Hall

Owl Originally uploaded by rutty. What a lovely day Sunday was eh? We spent Sunday afternoon over at Thoresby Hall, near Rufford Park north of Nottingham. We wanted to get out and about and as..


St Lawrence Church Originally uploaded by rutty. I had a reason to celebrate this week. Tuesday was my girlfriend’s birthday, and as I’m working the early shift this week I took yesterday off as holiday..

Swallow the pill

Swallow the pill – day 80 Originally uploaded by rutty. Another in a series of sickness-related self-portraits. I’m such a rubbish patient. I finally succumbed to common sense and visited the doctor today. This is..

Lunar Eclipse

Partial Eclipse Originally uploaded by rutty. This weekend saw the first total lunar eclipse for a couple of years. I’ve been wanting to photograph the moon for a while now and thought that this would..

Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston

Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston Originally uploaded by rutty. Tesco’s are killing The Cow in Beeston, Nottingham. They’re having the old pub torn down and replaced by cheap petrol. The bastards! Tonight was..

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Chocolate coffee beans Originally uploaded by rutty. Who says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Bollocks to that. it’s chocolate. Ask any of those mysterious creatures what their favourite thing is and I can..

Famous at last!

Famous at last! Day 62 Originally uploaded by rutty. Hurrah! A little while ago I left a comment in a discussion on one of the Canon groups. A guy from What Digital Camera Magazine was..

Fame at last!

Pulteney Bridge, Bath Originally uploaded by rutty. A little while ago I took part in a discussion on Flickr. It was in one of the Canon-related groups and it was related to views of my..

Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge Originally uploaded by rutty. It’s been a bloody gorgeous weekend. We’ve had constant blue skies and mild temperatures and I’ve taken the opportunity to get out and about. Yesterday we visited Crich in..

Oh no, what if the wind changes?

Googly Eyes – Day 41 Originally uploaded by rutty. I love pulling faces. I have quite a rubbery one and I seem capable of contorting it into all sorts of amusing and embarrassing shapes. I’m..