Category: 2015 Year In Pictures

  • Finally

    26th February 2015 I’ve been waiting a couple of months for this beautiful thing to arrive, ever since I found out I’d passed my final Open University module: my lovely, lovely degree certificate. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve now received the sheet of rectangular, embossed card that tells me that I have […]

  • Bedtime

    25th February 2015 Ruby has this Gro-clock in her room. We bought it for her when she was a baby so that she’d know when it was time to get up. She knows that she has to wait for her sunshine to come on before getting out of bed. It’s a neat little clock, and […]

  • Shield

    24th February 2015 Ruby made this amazing shield at school today. I’m not sure what it signifies as such, I just love her choice of colours and bold strokes.

  • Poser

    23rd February 2015 Ruby enjoys her tennis lessons on a Monday, but I suspect she enjoys wearing this fetching tennis outfit a little bit more. A bargain from eBay. She has started to get a decent backhand going now. Impressive

  • Porter

    22nd February 2015 Guinness have decided to make some Porters, which I saw while shopping in Asda. I bought 4 because they were on offer. I’ve got to confess, I’m not that impressed. It tastes OK, but is not even as nice as the Asda own-brand Porter. I won’t be bothering again (unless it’s reduced, […]

  • £25

    21st February 2015 These enormous gnomes were only £25 in Asda. Cheerful buggers

  • Hungry

    20th February Our gorgeous rabbit Celia loves her Curly Kale

  • Empty

    19th February 2015 The snackers’ worst nightmare – an empty vending machine

  • Feeding Time

    18th February 2015 Our friends at the White Lion have some VERY cute baby guinea pigs. Here is Ruby feeding one

  • Menu

    17th February 2015 There is a hotel near where I work called The Rockaway. I’ve often seen it but never thought to go in. It looks like the sort of place frequented by older folks that like tea and those sandwiches that have the crusts cut off. They have recently started doing takeaway food so […]

  • Hugs

    15th February 2015 The Bee Man in Beeston is a prominent and much-loved statue in the main precinct. Ruby always gives him a cuddle on her way through

  • A girl and her rabbit

    14th February 2015 This is the ‘day of love’ and what better way to show this than our little girl giving her (tolerant) rabbit a cuddle?