Dome, originally uploaded by rutty. 204/365 We took Ruby to Chatsworth House today. We’ve been wanting to visit her for quite some time so we headed up that way to have a wander around the gardens and enjoy the house. It’s a really impressive place. If you’ve not been it’s one of the most impressive…… Continue reading Dome

Newark Castle

Newark Castle, originally uploaded by rutty. 199/365 Our band played a concert at Newark Castle today. We managed to attract a decent sized crowd, which was extremely encouraging to see. We played (and sang!) pretty well and the people of Newark seemed to like it very much


Clouds, originally uploaded by rutty. 197/365 Mark was driving us to work and there were some really impressive clouds around. I took this through his windscreen – hence the faint, wavy lines from his Mondeo screen clearing system.


Hometime, originally uploaded by rutty. 196/365 I’m on the late shift this week which means leaving as it’s getting dark. Winter is drawing in now! I think I might have been the last one to leave tonight – hardly any cars in the carpark