And another thi…. zzzzzzzzz

And another thi…. zzzzzzzzz, originally uploaded by rutty. 213/365 We drove down to Banbury to visit friends today and Ruby took a little while to get to sleep during the journey there. I thought she looked like she was about to say something. It’s always nice going back down to Banbury, Jo’s old haunting grounds.…… Continue reading And another thi…. zzzzzzzzz


Speedy, originally uploaded by rutty. 212/365 I went to get Ruby out of bed after her lunchtime sleep and she was rolling around in her cot like a little acrobat while giving me some cheeky little smiles through the bars. I tried to get a photo but she’s too fast for me!

Chish & Fips

Chish & Fips, originally uploaded by rutty. 211/365 Friday is fish & chips day more often than not. A proper British dish – tastier (and healthier) than most other fast foods. We don’t get scraps in Nottingham, not like oop North. There’s nothing quite like having some lovely crispy fried fat on your chips


Fly, originally uploaded by rutty. 210/365 This rather compliant fly was having a rest on our washing line. I took this with the little magnetic macro lens attached to my iPhone and edited it in iPhoto for a change. It’s still a little blurry (crappy camera) but rather decent for a 2MP phone I think


Glow, originally uploaded by rutty. 208/365 cwd1841 ~ Magic Hour Re-redux – In photograhy, the Magic Hour (or Golden Hour) is the time right around sunrise and sunset. Please take a few minutes to read this article on the topic. Your assignment is to take a photograph that takes advantage of this magical time of…… Continue reading Glow